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Logo Er.EM.

Er.EM. ~ Earthworms Eco Management 

Er.EM. is the first Agro-Ecological company in Italy that holistically combines the agricultural production system with the ecological one.

It is the tool through which the Green Worm Project is implemented in practice, which has obtained several national and international awards over the last few years.

The Bergamo plain has always expressed an avant-garde in the agricultural sector and for this reason it immediately seemed the natural cradle for this innovative project.

Er.EM. is an agricultural company, an innovative start-up with a social / environmental vocation. Its main and exclusive activity is the breeding of earthworms for the production of high quality protein flours and Humus in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.


ER.EM. is an agricultural start-up registered in the Business Register with an environmental declaration . Click here to find out more.

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