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We support companies in complying with energy requirements and help them in identifying wastes in the use of energy resources, defining their energy footprint.

Sezione Audit Energetici

Energy Consulting

  • Energy Diagnosis of plants and processes pursuant to Directive 2012/27 / EU.

  • Energy Certification of Buildings ( APE )

  • Support in obtaining ISO 5000: 1

Sezione Progettazione Energetica

Energy Planning

  • Design of energy efficiency measures

  • Design of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources (see photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, biogas-biomethane, cogeneration, etc ...).

  • Management of Plant Authorizations from Renewable Source

Sezione Incentivi

Energy Economy

  • Support in identifying incentive mechanisms (see Feed in Tarif, Energy Efficiency Certificates, Tax Deductions)

  • Support in identifying forms / financing partners (see Financing, FTT through ESCo).

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